Wickenburg Scanner Frequency List

Wickenburg Scanner Frequencies that can definitely be picked up in Wickenburg and the vicinity of. I am constantly updating this list of frequencies so please visit often for new and changed information. If you are not familiar with the PL/CTCSS tones, please ignore those. See the Police Scanner suggestions at the bottom of this page.

You can also Listen to Wickenburg Police OnlineĀ 

Public Safety

Agency/Use Frequency PL/CTCSS
Wickenburg Police Dept 155.625 110.9
Wickenburg Fire Dept 155.865 100.0
DPS/Highway Patrol 460.300 151.4
Yavapai County Sheriff 153.815 136.5
Congress Fire Dept. 154.235 94.8
Yarnell Fire Dept. 155.655 162.2
LifeLine Ambulance 159.555 146.2
Circle City/Morristown Fire 158.7525 103.5

Amateur Radio

Agency/Use Frequency PL/CTCSS
ARA 2-Meter White Tanks 146.940 162.2
ARA 2-Meter Smith Peak 146.680 162.2

Suggested Scanners:

If you are wanting to pickup the Maricopa County Sheriffs office it will require a Phase-2 P-25 digital capable scanner such as these:

Last Updated: 9/29/2011